Fresh Dungeness Crab are shipping now, (season which usually starts on December 1st only opened on January 15th).

Happily the crab are lovely.  We’re shipping crab that weigh well over two pounds when we cook them.  Each crab is fully cleaned and shipped with it’s own top shell in an individual bag.  They look beautiful!

2018-01-27-PHOTO-00016330 Raquel 2

When crabs arrive, serve chilled with mayonnaise or warmed with drawn butter.

Fresh Dungeness Crab


Happy Father’s Day 2017 !!!

Wow! its been busy. So happy to be sending lots of heavy boxes with Oysters, Clams, Smoked Oysters, Crab Mac and Cheese, Clam Chowder and Oyster Stew to Dads all over the country…

Free Shipping Specials are a success. Came just in time to get a record number of orders out with FedEx Overnight shipping. Makes extra sure that everything arrives fresh and cold like it should…

Tomorrow we’ll be shipping Overnight for delivery on Saturday…having fun!


Just starting our Blog.
There will be info about most everything we do.
Planting oysters, diploid pacifics, triploid pacifics (and info about the difference and why we do both)
How Kumamoto oysters grow, why it takes so long and why they’re so darned expensive.
We’ll walk through Willapa Artisan Kitchen, show the people, the ingredients and the recipes.
Just what it’s like to live and work in a Temperate Rain Forest…the challenges and rewards.
The weather here is different than anywhere else…right now there are nearly 16 hour days but the thermometer is sitting at 54°F and doesn’t change much during many days. Water temp this morning was 57°F – great for summer oyster growth but still chilly for a swim.
Hopefully there will be lots of photos of everything.

More later…